About Us

The concept for Aqua Craft Tools, LLC came to fruition while I was constructing a 57 finger slip marina on the Gulf of Mexico.

During construction, my fellow coworkers and I continuously dropped tools into the water. Unfortunately, the only way to recover a sunken tool was by using a magnet which seldom worked and wasted a lot of time.

After dropping another tool in the water and unable to recover it, I had an “aha moment!” What if I invented tools that float? 

As I began researching the idea of creating floating tools, I also looked for existing patents. I found very little on the internet in the way of either floating tools or patents for floating tools.

I began drawing concepts of floating tools, and as luck would have it, nothing patented compared to my design and Aqua Craft Tools was born. 

Benefits for the Homeowners/Boaters/Sea Dwellers:

  • Save time by never searching the depths for lost tools 
  • Save money by never losing your tools in the water 
  • Spend more time doing the things you love - not searching for sunken tools! 

 Pros for Business Owners: 

  • No more lost money replacing sunken tools or paying employees to search for said tools
  • Investing in tools that float can help keep your business from going "underwater"! It’s just that simple!




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