Aqua Craft Tools, LLC
Christopher Urbanek Owner/Inventor

At the age of eleven, I had a paper route that taught me my first lesson in structure and consistency in a business serving clients.

At that young age, I found that I enjoyed any challenge which motivated and paved my way throughout high school as a team leader,  including an active career in sports.

As I grew older, I realized that I’ve always had the characteristics of being my own boss. This passion enabled me to form my first company (building homes) by the mere age of twenty four.  

Being humble, open minded and eager to learn from other business owners has been the main contribution to the success of every company I have started throughout my entire adult life. I take pride in my professionalism and attribute my self education to listening, taking notes, and applying what it takes to become successful by studying other industry leaders.

With that being said, I have decided to launch a new business in the hopes that it too will be a success? as this invention is like no other!

Aqua Craft Tools, LLC came to fruition while I was working for a seawall company (constructing a 57 finger slip boat marina), when my fellow coworkers and I continually dropped tools into the water.

The only way to recover a sunken tool was by using a magnet that seldom worked. After dropping another tool in the water and unable to recover it, I had an “aha moment”! What if I invented tools that float? As I began researching the idea and patents for floating tools, I found very little in the world wide web of floating tools. I began drawing concepts of floating tools, and as luck would have it, nothing compared to my design and Aqua Craft Tools was born. My tenacity paid off with a patent on my product and began working with manufacturers for all of Aqua Tool prototypes and accessories. Our complete line will include the actual tools, a floating tool bag, a tool belt, along with other floating merchandise that will be listed with pricing very soon. Please stay tuned to our website as we are adding items daily.


This product line will be a great asset to any water related project. From the professional to the homeowner. Anyone who works, plays or lives on the water will benefit from this tool line. Whether you own a watercraft or own a marina, this product is a “must have” for you around any body of water. Yep, even a pool or a boatless dock! No more pool nets! No more magnets! 

*Pros for Homeowners, Boaters and Sea Dwellers:

Think of all the time you will save knowing that you will never have to ‘fish’ out another tool again!

*Spend time doing more of what you love with the ones you love.

*Pros for Business Owners:

*No more lost income replacing sunken tools and the hours your employees spend searching for said tools.

*By keeping your employees on the job instead of in the water will increase your revenue ten fold!  

*Investing in tools that float can keep your business from going underwater. It's just that simple!

September 9th is the launch date for our Kickstarter Campaign and will last for 39 days.

Rewards will be given to investors with donations to aide in helping my dream become a reality. My goal is to have enough funds donated to get my tools off the ground and into the water.

Please stay tuned for updates on this campaign though this website and all social media outlets.

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*Be sure to watch the video as I describe my product line with passion and the all confidence that this dream is about to become a reality!

“From the passion of my dream and the belief in knowing Aqua Tools is like no other. With your help, this dream can “get off the ground and into the water!”

Thank you all for your consideration,
Christopher Urbanek, Aqua Craft Tools, LLC  






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