Cigar City Brewing, Coppertail Brewing, 7venth Sun Brewing, Big Storm Brewing, Founders Brewing, Dogfish Head

All tools are coated with a clear zinc coating to prevent from rusting. Handles are 8in and a 6 1/12in to accommodate weight differential and buoyancy to each custom tool. with a bright yellow color coat. Tools consist of: 1 1/8in opening Adjustable wrench w/ 8in handle, Two size swivel socket ratchet 1/4 and 3/8in w/8in handle, 9/16 - 3/4in open end wrench w/8in handle, 1/4 - 1/2in open end wrench w/6 1/2in handle, 9/16 - 3/4in box wrench w/8in handle, 1/4 - 1/2in box wrench w/6 1/2in handle, regular screw driver w/6 1/2in handle, Philips screw driver w/6 1/2in handle, Exchangeable bit driver w/6 1/2in handle, 2in wide Putty/Barnacle scraper w/6 1/2in handle, bottle opener w/6 1/2in handle. End caps are Illuminating with a bright orange color for night time work. Plus all tools have a clip on the end to attach to marine grade tool belt.





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