Q & A's

Question : Who is Aqua Craft Tools?
Answer: Aqua Craft Tools was founded in March 2016 in Largo Florida. We are patented floating tool line for people who work and play in any water related projects.

Question: Where is Aqua Tools made?
Answer:: We are proudly made in the USA; with four manufacturers in four different states.

Question: How much are the tools sets and what’s included?
Answer: Tool prices range from $15.00 (per tool) up to $600.00 for complete set. All tool sets are can be custom made to accommodate individual consumers. A detailed price list will be found in our website catalogue.

Question: Does that include shipping and handling?
Answer: No. Shipping cost vary from $6.95 to $56.00 ( Seattle, Washington). Please inquire on rates in Alaska and Hawaii.

Question: When will I receive these items?
Answer: We’re allowing 4-6 weeks for delivery, some may take longer due to the overwhelming response to orders. For all orders we will keep you posted on delivery dates if delivery dates are longer than expected.

Question: How soon can I place an order?
Answer: As soon as Kickstarter ends (late October) we will begin filling orders.

Question: Will these tools rust?
Answer: No, The finish is a clear zinc coat. Helps keep the tools looking like new.

Question: What are the handles made out of?
Answer: The handles are made with a mix of two plastics and an additive to keep them solid and durable.

Question:All products are to be sold with a guarantee, However all products will have a clause on the proper use of the tools.

Question:Is there a warranty?
Answer:Yes, If there is any faulty product it will be replaced or refunded, showing probable cause.

Question:How sturdy are the clips that connect to the belt?
Answer:The clips are molded into the end of the handle and strong enough to connect to the tool belt

Question:Can I choose different colors?
Answer: No, Our product is designed to stand out for a colorful effect to see them even when it starts to get dark.

Question:What are the tool bags made of and how durable are they?
Answer:The bags are made of a vinyl cloth and zipper, hand sewn one at a time for a better quality product.

Question:Where is this product made?
Answer:We have 4 manufacturers in 4 different states, where they are assembled into our mold in Kissimmee, Florida.

Question:Where is your company located?
Answer:Largo ,Florida

Question:Is your company going global?
Answer:Yes, As soon as we have a stable connection with The good Ole’ USA.

Question:Where else can I find these products?
Answer:Nowhere. I have a one of a kind product. I have done a lot of research to make sure of that.

Question:How many employees do you have?
Answer:Our company has just formed with a group of 20 to 25 team members.

Question:What are your employment opportunities?
Answer:As our company grows so is the demand of hiring good qualified employees through our HR department.Find employment on our website.

Question:Where can I find more information on Aqua Craft Tools?
Answer:Through our website or newsletter we will be publishing. There will always be lastest updates on new and improved products and where our company is going to make its next move.

Question:When did you start production ?
Answer:Production has not begun yet, We are in the funding stage with Kickstarter and any interested investors to help get Aqua Tools in the public eye.

Question: Does that include shipping and handling?
Answer:Yes all product shipped anywhere in the US and Canada will be included in purchase’s

Question: What is your mission statement?
Answer:To have a unique product that can be used for good purpose and water cooler talk.





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